A woodworker’s workbench

For a woodworker, a stable and sturdy workbench is a ‘must’ to achieve good results and work with joy and inspiration. A good workbench can be found -both second-hand and new- but comes at a cost. When looking for a good workbench on a budget, one will need to adapt or cope with benches that don’t meet the requirements.

I decided to take this on as a challenge and will build my own workbench.

Into the evening smilesAfter extensive research and study I decided on the English ‘Nicholson’ style workbench and I will build this bench by only using hand tools. (And all next projects made on this bench for that matter) The photo’s on this post show the progress during the first weekend, starting from stock construction lumber of 6×10 cm with 3 m length. I managed to prepare and glue-up the two table-tops and 3 table-legs. This will remain a short (first-) post and I will followup with more information in next posts.

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