Happy Easter!

Happy easter!

I hope you all had a good easter time with family and friends. I decided to take a couple of days off from the office and spend a long easter-weekend together with the dogs and friends at Schwarzenbach in the countyside of lower Austria. And a wonderfull weekend we had!

Cooking stoveWe spent our days at a slowly decaying small farmhouse which must be several hundreds years old. Built from local stone and timber, nearest neighbor more than a mile away, this piece of history provides a glimpse of the old ways. Firing up the woodstoves was the first requirement and it took over-night to achieve a comfortable temperature, but then there is nothing better that beats the warmth of a woodstove.

WorkbenchIn the barn, I found a traditional woodworker’s bench which seemed to have aged together with the building. This workbench shows the typical features of the old style of German woodworker’s benches. A frontvise to the left and a MASSIVE tailvise to the right with some awesome dovetailed joints. Unfortunately the wood worm found this before me..

I took some time to climb the way up to the barn loft and spent many hours in awe and joy. The traditional joints were all covered with the carpenter’s marks and fitted beautifully. This is built to last for generations! I don’t know which wood was used for the roof construction and I will assume that this is some sort of the pines that grow in the area.

Old carriageAnd then there were some more surprises where I still don’t know if I should qualify this as a barn find or a time teleporter! Time seemed to have come to a halt and I could vividly imagine some elements of the old ways. Have a look at the photo’s below for a stunning impression of local Austrian objects that have been part of regular day in the 1800’s.

As you may imagine: I’m planning to re-visit this inspiring paradise in some weeks and intend to explore with more detail and to document more clearly..

Yours engagingly,

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