Mortises and Tenons – Löcher und Zapfen

Not too many picture to this post..

Once the wood for the legs is glued together, squared and flattened, it is time to put the chisels to work to cut mortises (Löcher) in the legs. The legs will be built together to an ‘A’-frame construction which will enable to mount the tops and legs together. Because of the dimensions I chose for my wood, this is going to take a lot more ‘uhmpff’ than I thought. Here, the first mortise is being cut. 7 more to go..

Cutting the tenons (Zapfen) is less complicated but needs more precision and care because these are each made to fit as perfectly to their counterpart mortise as possible. I’m using a simple device made of a slat in which I mount a chisel to cut the tenons to their final depth. This solution is also known as a ‘poor man’s router’ and I have to say: such ‘poor man’ solutions can be so ingenious yet simple when used properly! This is one such example and I will try to make a short movie clip soon and update this post, to show more clearly how well this works.

Meanwhile I will put the progress on hold for one week as we will leave for a visit to the countryside for the Easter weekend (5 days off). I guess that will be the next update. Stay tuned..

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