New woodshop open! (Well.. Almost!)

It has been a couple of weeks since my last update on this weblog. Not because of laziness, but I have been working on repeating processes of preparing the joints and surfaces for the workbench and there was not much new to describe of photograph.

Legframe Glued up and SquareBut now I have been able to dedicate a full week to this project and it is showing! I glued up the joints and they come together nicely. The tenons were dimensioned with a slight over-length so I could plane them nicely even to the surface. While handling those beefy wood structures it becomes quite clear how heavy the final bench will be: it is tough to handle the parts for a fine finish and there is so much weight that it is hard to avoid bumps and scratches to the corners and surfaces of the wood. This is not a complaint: I’m actually really happy about the workout!

Housing Joint - Chiseling even depthOnce the legframes are ready, it is time to draw my attention to the side boards. These ‘skirts’ will be exceptionally important to the stability and the rigidity of the bench. These will slide over the top of the legs with a housing joint where a wedge will tighten the joint. This will essentially be a wedge that will drop down more and more over time during the (ab-)use of the bench, ensuring that there will be no movement in the joints also when the wood expands- or contracts ov
er time. To ensure an even and parallel depth of the housing joint, I use a simple temporary holder for my chisel.

Wedged Housingjoint - RigidWith all parts glued up, squared, planed, joints finished, the wedges cut and bolts at the ready it is time to join everything together. This is always the exciting part of a project. So I dry-fit and clamp all parts together and…. Enjoyed how the workbench emerged fir the first time to existence. I prepped another coffee before moving on to next steps and just walked around the bench for a while with the smell of wood and fresh coffee. But as it goes: coffee gets finished and the project waits for the next action so I got the cordless drill out for action. Essentially, the bench is held together with just 4 bolts while 4 wedges provide the rigidity and it comes together just beautifully.

With everything done and fitting, I finally get to move the bench to her final location in the wood shop. As I still don’t know how I will prepare the floor (I dropped my chisel two times already on the concrete floor, see previous posts) but luckily I found an old rugged carpet in the dumpster a couple of days ago, so I decide to go with this carpet as the intermediate solution. Together with a second hand cabinet to store all my hand tools, the room is now really shaping up. And there are only a few steps left to complete the workbench: final planing, restore and mount the quick release vice, drill clamping holes and oil her up. And put everything to use of course!


Yours engagingly,


  1. Rinie van Gerwen

    Hoi Igor! Dat ziet er gaaf uit, wat goed! Als ik nog een vak moest kiezen zou ik dat kiezen! Maar wie weet, over een paar jaartjes met pensioen! Ik wens je heel veel plezier met je website en hoop je nog eens te zien in NL, lieve groeten, Rinie van Gerwen


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