Last weekend was spent in sunny weather and favorable 22°(C). So we opened up all windows and doors to drive out the remaining winter-chill and spent our coffee breaks in the courtyard.

Straight edges
Straight edges

My woodworking continues with cutting mortises and tenons and I clearly observe improving skills! From the first mortise and tenon, I have a snug fit, so I’m quite satisfied already but the cuts now result in more clean faces inside the holes and crispier corners along the edges. It is very satisfying, grateful and motivational to observe these improvements. I get continued confirmation on the importance of working without time pressure but to continue with clear mind, deliberate action and with perseverance. In this mood, time seems to fly anyway and there is no way of changing that.


Well, time seemed to stop for a couple of heartbeats when I dropped my chisel! Instead of lying the chisel down before turning my wood piece over, I tried to turn the fairly heavy piece while still holding the chisel in my left hand. I guess you know the feeling: to sense the tool slipping from the hand, observe it falling on the worktop (with a feeling of relief) but then it tumbles over the edge, to fall down on the concrete floor with a snap that tells you with a stomach-aching certainty it hit with the cutting edge first!

Not much else to add about this weekend: after about two hours of grinding the chisel to new shine I learned my lesson to free my hands each time when I have to handle a heavy- or awkward piece of wood again.

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