Tools maintenance and care

One’s tools shall take care to transfer one’s ideas into the the wood.

To many unknown, but woodworking has an element that needs careful attention: the tools have to be clean, maintained and sharp. Always fit to operate! It is a wonderful sentiment that is in close contact with emotional and physical balance. Though for some very prone for neglect..

Sharpening the plane ironHere I take care of a shaving plane, some chisels and a tenon saw. The plane is a used plane which dates from the 1950’s. Probably it is the best known plane to any woodworking novice, most known as ‘a Stanley’ (mine is a Record). I have removed all rust and flattened the sole, I cleaned and oiled the wooden grips and I needed 2 hours to get the blade in good condition. Now we fly!

Filing the sawThen there is the handsaw, made by Pears & Jackson about a hundred years ago. A brass back and wooden grips, also in dire need for de-rusting, sanding, resharpening and re-setting the teeth. It is such a pleasure to feel the ‘fit’ in my hand and to realize I’m using a tool that has served (at least-) one carpenter or cabinetmaker before me!

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